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Late fall and winter hiking presents a number of challenges. For me, one of those is the fact that I have yet to find a cold weather baselayer that keeps me warm while offering a decent fit. I have now had the opportunity to try out the Minus 33 midweight crew on a couple of cold weather occasions and I’m really happy with it. I can only imagine how warm their expedition weight layers must be.


The first thing I noticed about this merino baselayer was how soft it was. It is impossible to not notice it. It provides much more next-to-skin comfort than any synthetic baselayer I have ever tried. Other merino garments I have worn have been lightweight, so the softness kind of took me by surprise. It almost made me want to get a merino blanket for my bed.

Speaking of comfort – and this is for all the big guys out there – Minus 33 sells sizes up to 6XL. That’s XXXXXXL. I do a significant amount of searching for outdoor gear made for bigger dudes, but I’ve never known of a company that produces clothing that large. So major brownie points to Minus 33 for making larger sizes available. My midweight was a 3XL and it fit great. I am not a big fan of ultra-tight baselayers, so I was glad I could size up a little and wear a looser fitting merino crew. It made my backpacking trip much more comfortable.

2015-10-25 11.22.35

Incredibly soft and doesn’t fit like a sausage casing. I like it.

It is my understanding that sizing for colored garments tops out at 3XL. Sizes 4XL and above are available only in black.

My crew performed great on my trip. It got down to about 22 degrees that night so I definitely needed a warm baselayer. I layered a light fleece, an insulated jacket, and a loose hard shell on top of it. While moving I used it alone when the sun was out. It dried quickly, which was a blessing in colder temperatures. It would make a great stand-alone top in temperatures between 40-60 degrees. It’s extra heft came in handy while sitting around the campfire as well.

I’m looking forward to checking out some more offerings from the folks at Minus 33.

2015-11-22 11.47.46


*Minus 33 sent me this product at no cost to me. I am under no obligation to review it, let alone review it favorably. All the opinions in this review are mine and mine alone. There are no affiliate links in this article.


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  • Up to a 6XL? That’s something I didn’t know about this company. Heard good things, glad you can verify they are a quality gear maker.

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