Rocky S2V Trail Runners

Rocky S2V recently introduced a trail runner to their gear lineup. Rocky has been manufacturing footwear for a long time, so they have plenty of institutional knowledge about what works and what doesn’t. They successfully carried that know-how over to their new offering, which is unlike anything S2V has offered before. I still use my Rocky S2V Resection trail shoes whenever my route requires hiking up a gravel bar or stream. I’ve really put them through the wringer, so I was excited to see how the new trail runners would fare.

The shoes look pretty sharp. The shoes maintain a more utilitarian look without using a lot of nonsensical flare or silly colors, as though they know exactly what you’re going to use them for: trampling down muddy trails. They come in three colors; mine are black with yellow trim. The mesh panels are well-spaced and add to the trail runner’s clean look. Breathability has been okay during my short runs. However, I think these shoes trade a little breathability for a lot of durability. I will keep an eye on that as I continue to use them. The heel and toe are both capped for just a little more protection.


These trail runners fit well. They do not have a conventional tongue. Instead, they have a stretchy neoprene opening in which to put your foot. It seems to work fine¬†and it’s not the first shoe to forego using a tongue (my Nike Zoom Kigers have half a tongue). It does give it more of a sock-style fit. It’s nice and tight; Rocky S2V refers to it as “compression fit technology.” As a matter of fact, Rocky S2V suggests ordering up a half size because of this compression system. Laces provide secondary security as to the tightness of the fit. Rocky S2V says there is a quick lacing system, but it seemed fairly normal to me. More importantly than what they are called, the laces have not come undone during my trail runs.

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Because the trail runners need to be pulled on, Rocky S2V has provided two pull loops on the shoes. Both of which work quite well. The heel loop is plenty big enough for my fingers (little pull loops that I can barely¬†fit a fingertip in are a big pet peeve). They have a high quality Vibram outsole with plenty of tread to keep you running through your local monsoon season. My trails have been dry lately, but the shoes tamed gravel and packed dirt very nicely. Cushioning is good enough that you shouldn’t notice too much underfoot.

I’m going to keep using these shoes and see how some additional miles contribute to wear and tear.

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Rocky S2V provided these shoes at no cost.

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