CloudLine Quarter Crew Running Socks

There are some things that are just difficult to review: underwear, hats, socks, etc. I mean, they either work or they don’t, and they are generally a pretty personal decision from the start. For example, I’ve been backpacking in the same underwear brand for the last few years. They just work for me, and even when I’ve been asked to review a different brand, the differences aren’t so great that I don’t come back to them. The bottom line is that it would take something pretty innovative or crazy-comfortable for me to change brands. This is true with socks as well, and it made me appreciate the new CloudLine Quarter Crew running sock.

Back in January, I had a chance conversation with the folks who represent CloudLine socks. They gave me a pair to try out, which I did on my Arkansas bushwhacking trip back in February.  They were full crew socks with some medium cushioning. The socks worked great for me for that particular trip.

imgres However, on most backpacking trips I wear a quarter crew sock, with very little cushioning (I prefer none, actually). I find that style more comfortable, more breathable, and far quicker to dry than a one with a thick cushion. I expressed this to CloudLine back in the winter and they have responded with exactly the type of sock I was describing to them.  When CloudLine jumped onboard as a UintasHike16 partner, I knew those were the socks I needed to test.

I grabbed two pair for the hike, so I could throw on a clean pair at the halfway point or if I needed to perform some anti-blister work.  Gladly, I didn’t need to do the latter.  That’s a pretty big deal for me because my feet get pretty damp on the trail; wrinkly toes are common. The thin merino of the CloudLine Quarter Crew breathed great. Yeah, my feet were damp, but not as much as they would’ve been with a thicker cushion. The 63/37 merino to synthetics ratio worked pretty well for me.

When I changed socks, the used pair cleaned up quite nicely on the trail. And they dried super-fast from a little spruce tree in the sun. By the way, straight from the packing, these might be the softest socks I own. They are colorful, reinforced in the toe and heel, and didn’t give me foot problems.

2015-07-30 19.28.28

The CloudLine Quarter Crew socks I wore are definitely more suitable for summer. Try out their thicker versions for colder adventures.  These socks are worthy challengers to my usual sock of choice.  I plan to continue to test their durability through the remainder of the year with additional backpacking and running.  If they hold up, they’ll likely supplant my “old faithful” socks.

*CloudLine is a UintasHike16 partner. These socks were provided at no cost.

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