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I’ve always been fairly particular about my trail snacking habits, which meant as the Uintas backpacking trip came around, Bounce trail snacks were already the underdog. For nearly all of my overnight trips, I’ll take as much chocolate as I can. The reasoning behind that is because chocolate is such a calorically dense food.  Plus, and let’s face it, it’s chocolate. To add a little variety, I’ll sometimes pack some cashews and/or beef jerky as well.  Since I don’t eat lunch while I’m backpacking, my snacks are pretty important. They are my only source of calories throughout the day between breakfast and dinner. I’ll lean on them to keep me going.

brand-logo-template-222-159_Bounce_1 When Bounce jumped onboard as a UintasHike16 partner, I knew I would need to change my attitude towards trail snacks. There would be no need to stop and load up on chocolate bars before the hike. And getting away from my normal diet was a little worrisome.  What if I didn’t like the taste of them? What if they didn’t provide enough energy to keep me fueled on the trail? Were they going to be “too nutty,” which is something I try to avoid?

The first question was answered when my fellow participants starting reporting that they were eating their stash of Bounce trail snacks before the hike even started. If people couldn’t stop eating them, then they must taste pretty good. And they did. I was shipped two packages of each flavor, and none of them tasted bad. I was particularly fond of the Superberry and Cacao Mint, of course.


Photos on this page courtesy of, Kovas Palubinskas

They provided plenty of energy for me on the trail. A few varieties were almost as calorically dense as chocolate. The Bounce balls hover around 115-120 calories/ounce. The nutritional value, plus the variety of flavors I was able to sample in the wilderness made up for any minimal difference in caloric density. Some peanut varieties offered up to 13g of protein, which is often hard to get in a backcountry diet.

Some trail snacks take some time to get accustomed too, but I found the texture of the Bounce trail snacks easy to swallow (pun intended). All of them were slightly different, but none of them required a toothpick, were excessively chewy, or covered my fingers in some kind of sticky residue.

I was really impressed with these snacks. I only took one of each flavor on the hike. The rest kept me nourished while at the OR show.

*Bounce USA was a UintasHike16 partner. These snacks were provided at no cost.

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