Merrell Moab Rovers: Top Trail Shoes

Lost somewhere between hiking boots and trail runners are good, old fashioned hiking shoes. I don’t see many out on the trail anymore, but they certainly fill a niche for those that appreciate a nice day hike from time to time. My first boots were a pair of Merrells, so I’ve always been fond of the brand. And although I rarely wear anything other than trail runners these days, it’s always nice to get a different perspective on gear I might not otherwise consider. The Merrell Moab Rovers are traditional hiking shoes, and there’s a lot to like about them.

Merrell Moab Rover

I’ve had my Moab Rovers for a few months and they’ve been in my everyday shoe rotation ever since. They still look as if I took them out of the box yesterday. The tread sheds mud and the leather and synthetic uppers shed dirt. They have taken some abuse, and it appears as though I haven’t even roughed up the leather. The laces are thick and hold well. These are probably the most durable shoes I own.

The Rovers are built to last. The upper is leather, with a mesh lining that makes the shoe a little more breathable than it otherwise would be. I have not had an problems with the laces; weak laces are a pet peeve of mine. The tongue is wide and well-cushioned. The sole has some deep lugs of a hard rubber compound. After wearing them for some time, I’ve not noticed any defects in the Rovers. They are very rugged and offer good protection for a trail shoe.

Merrell Moab Rover

My Merrell Moab Rovers are super comfy. The toe box is nice and roomy. Merrell uses a special proprietary blended EVA footbed that is superbly contoured and is excellent at energy return. The shoes also have an air cushion in the heel. I took these shoes on the Arch 2 Arch roadtrip last summer and wore them almost exclusively that week. So, they saw a lot of driving and a lot of walking. They required no break-in period; I wore them right out of the box without any drawbacks. I’ve always thought Merrell made very comfortable shoes and these Rovers are no exception.

Looks aren’t the Moab Rover’s strongest characteristic. They are kind of boxy looking and don’t have much athletic appeal. The available colors are all earth tones – kind of drab, but the colors match the utilization of the shoes. In other words, I wouldn’t want a red pair of these. They look like what they are: a simple hiking shoe. And they’re not pretending to be something else. Outside of a few afternoon walks, I have not hiked in them much, but I have found them to be decent casual shoes – which is the category Merrell lists them under online. The good thing is that Merrell kept the design pretty simple, and didn’t overdo things with extra stitching or fluff designs.

Merrell Moab Rover

You can buy the Moab Rovers at the Merrell website for $120.00.  Another $10.00 will get you the waterproof edition. You might be able to find them at other online retailers if you’re willing to shop around.

Loose Ends –

I have not yet had the pleasure of getting the Merrell Moab Rovers wet. Mine are not waterproof, although Merrell does offer a pair of Rovers that are (see above for price info). I would imagine dry time would be horribly slow. I’ll probably test this theory out in the future. I have been wearing these to work quite often, where they can easily pass as dress casual shoes. The more I wear these, the more comfortable they get. I love their width.

Merrell Moab Rover

*These shoes were sent to me for review. This page contains no affiliate links.

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