Allett: The Perfect Backcountry Wallet

I never thought I needed a wallet specifically for backpacking. Even though I considered my everyday wallet too bulky and heavy to take with me into the backcountry, I generally adapted by stuffing some bills, a card and my I.D. into a ziplock baggie.  That works, but it drove the OCD in my to maddening levels.  So I continued to search for something that was lightweight, yet still had the functional and organizational abilities of a standard wallet. That’s when I learned about Allett.

Allett Wallet

The inside of the Ultra Slim Sport is streamlined. It can hold plenty of cards and bills.

Allett has been in the business of wallet minimization for about 20 years now. They offer a wide variety of wallets along three lines: slim, ultra slim, and RFID.  Within these lines, a number of styles are offered, including minimalist, ID, and passport models.  All of the Allett products are constructed with abrasion-resistant nylon and are water resistant.  They are sold with a three-year warranty.  And, yeah, they are handmade right here in the U.S.A. – in San Diego.

Allett Wallet

The Ultra Slim Sport certainly lives up to its name.

I wanted to keep my backpacking weight to a minimum while still keeping my personal affects organized, so I decided to take a look at the Ultra Slim Sport wallet.  This line is the lightest of them all, as you can probably tell by the name.  And the Sport model is the lightest of those.  On my scale, the wallet weighs 0.3 ounces (right in line with Allett’s online specifications).

The Ultra Slim Sport is a bifold wallet, which is a personal preference of mine. The entire wallet is constructed of nylon. This means there isn’t much rigidity to it (what do you expect at 0.3 ounces?) but not much is needed in the backcountry. It is well made, with great attention to detail in the stitching. The Ultra Slim Sport has two card pockets and one bill sleeve. Allett contends the pockets can hold up to five cards a piece. I have no reason to doubt this, but I only carry three while backpacking: my drivers license, a debit card, and my health insurance card. There’s more than enough room for cash in the sleeve as well. Travelers should take note that the sleeve isn’t tall enough for most European currency (which I don’t backpack with anyway).

Allett Wallet

The RFID Slim ID has a little more heft that the Ultra Slim line.

The Ultra Slim Sport is a perfect backpacking wallet.  It certainly could suffice as an everyday wallet, too. I tried this for a couple of weeks. The Ultra Slim Sport is so minimalist that I didn’t notice I had a wallet in my pocket. That means that from time to time I would believe I didn’t have my wallet with me, which led to a few moments of anxiety over where I would’ve left it.

Allett Wallet

The interior of the RFID Slim ID. A little more organization for everyday use.

To solve this issue, I purchased a Allett RFID Slim ID wallet.  This model weighs in at 1.3 ounces, which is still incredibly light. But there is a little more form to it, which makes it a better choice for an everyday wallet, in my opinion. In addition, the RFID line is constructed with a supple exterior leather. It has room for additional card, two cash sleeves which are better suited to foreign currency, a clear I.D. sleeve, and RFID protection.

So, I’ll be using the Ultra Slim Sport for backpacking, canoeing, and outdoor pursuits, and the RFID Slim ID for travel and everyday use. If you’re looking for a well crafted, fully functional, minimalist wallet, give the folks at Allett a look. I’m sure you’ll find something that suits your needs.

Allett Wallet

The RFID Slim ID still maintains a low profile.

*The Ultra Slim Sport wallet was sent to me for review. I purchased the RFID Slim ID wallet with my own funds. There are no affiliate links on this page.

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