It’s Been Awhile – Pivoting MissouriHowell

Hello.  It’s been awhile since I’ve had time to sit down and get something posted on MissouriHowell.  I apologize for that.  Sometimes writing reminds me of college.  I’d miss a class or two, then be hesitant to go back due to the thought of how much I had missed.  It’s was the desperation of perceived overwhelmingness.  I ended up making it through college…and through the stuff that has kept me from posting for the past nine months.

So, beginning this week I’ll be blowing the dust off the keyboard.  I do have a few things to post here in the near future.  Since my last article, I’ve been on a couple of backpacking trips.  Plus, I went to Europe and Hawaii for a few weeks, so I might end up writing a bit about those trips as well.  I have some gear reviews that I need to get done.  They’ve been in the hopper all year.  I’m pretty backed up.  I will need to get those published here soon.

I plan to slowly pivot MissouriHowell from an amorphous outdoors blog to one that is more midwest-centric.  The site will still have some trip reports from other areas.  However, most of the future writing will center around trip reports from midwestern trails, visits to state parks, and other nearby adventures.  Educational articles will be sprinkled in from time to time, as well.

Big Guy Gear

I hope to launch a new site in December 2017 at  I’m still working out the site’s mission, but I intend it to be a resource for big guys to get good gear information.  There are so many big guys that love the outdoors but have trouble finding gear at appropriate sizes.  So I’m going to try to help with that by creating an online community for those dudes.  BigGuyGear is already on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, so follow along on those social media channels.

Upper Buffalo Wllderness

3 Responses to “It’s Been Awhile – Pivoting MissouriHowell

  • Should it be MidwestHowell now?

  • The big guy gear is a great idea. My StepDad is 6’2″ and about 225 lbs. He has a hard time finding hiking boots in his size. Also, being a big guy, he gets hot easily so he needs to find clothing that will keep him warm/protected but that won’t cause him to be uncomfortable.

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