Lander Moab Phone Case

There are so many different phone cases on the market; so many styles to choose from.  I can’t seem to settle on a phone case for any appreciable length of time. I switch them out and rotate through them quicker than a scared rabbit. Which is why it’s so weird that I’ve been using the same case for the past nine months now.  Back in the early spring, I agreed to try out a Lander Moab case for my iPhone 6+.  With the exception of using my gimb al, I haven’t removed it once since April.

The lanyard on my Moab had a strange attachment point on the back of the case. Newer models have moved it to a less obtrusive spot.

The Moab is a low profile, flexible resin case with some sweet features.  Access to volume and power controls is easy to find due to the oversized buttons.  They make it much easier to adjust volume in the gym or on the trail when I don’t need to look at my phone, or even take it out of my pocket.  They are certainly easier to manipulate while wearing gloves.

The slim profile of the Moab is far better than the bulky boxes on the market.

It’s done a great job of protecting my phone when teamed up with a screen protector.  Lander has incorporated a little “give” in the case when it’s dropped.  That helps absorb some of the energy, rather than transferring it to the phone.

The Moab has a panel built inside which Lander calls, “Thermoline.”  This device is meant to protect your phone against extreme climates ranging from 0 to 120 degrees.  I didn’t test the case to those extremes, but I can verify that the battery drained less quick in 30-degree nighttime temperatures than it did with other cases I have used. On the other hand, the Thermoline was unable to significantly cool my phone while spending a day on the beach in Hawaii.  It went into a self-lockdown mode.

A look at the Thermoline layer, which assists in phone temperature regulation.

The Lander Moab I used had a unique tethering system.  Instead of attaching the lanyard at a corner, the Moab’s leash attaches directly to the back of the case via a small metal clip.  This clip was the most unfortunate design of the case. It simply got in the way, and the metal attachment loop often disconnected. I eventually removed it for good and made do without the lanyard.  The newer edition of the Moab does away with the metal clip and allows for a simple loop closure. This is much more reliable and unobtrusive.

I do like the case, and I will continue to use it throughout the winter months.  Maybe I’ll end up using it for twelve months. That would certainly be a record streak for me.

Check out the Lander website for a wide variety of phone cases, packs, power banks, and other innovative products.

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