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  • Keith Howell
    2 years ago

    Hello, “Cousin”; My dad grew up in Kirksville, MO. We might be distantly related. Probably not. Any way, we both like to hike! Used to, at least. I’m 90+ and don’t do very much. Founded a hiking club here in Western North Carolina which we named The Meanderthals. Found your name from a copy-cat web site. Just remarking. No need to reply. Enjoy LIFE! Keith

  • Excellent website. I appreciate your reviews. Especially your efforts to field test gear made for big people. I am 6 foot 5 and I face similar challenges that you do with finding gear that fits properly and meets my needs for mountain trips.

    Last year, I bought a backpack that fits me much better than any I have tried the last 25 years.

    Check out the Unaweep 4800 by SEEKOUTSIDE, made in Colorado USA. I looked for a high volume / low weight pack because my clothes are XXL and 2XLT. My sleeping quilt needs 22 liters of space by itself (Enlightened Equipment Enigma Pro, XWide XLong, 10 degree, with 5oz downtek overfill and custom footbox). Also, I hike in wilderness areas above 8000FT with no opportunity for resupply so I need to carry 5-9 days of food, hence the need for more than average pack volume.

    And I hate cramming all my gear into a pack bag that never seems big enough. I don’t carry a lot of gear, only what I need with a base weight of 17 pounds, but my stuff needs space.

    The Unaweep 4800 (about 80 liters), with the Talon compression panel (about 16 liters), provides about 96 total liters of space, yet it weighs only 50 ounces. Fabric is XPAC-21 which is very abrasion resistant and waterproof. It has an external aluminum frame. Rolltop bag. Simple and straight forward.

    Summer 2014, I hiked 93 miles in the Wind River Range from Upper Green River Lakes southerly to the Big Sandy Opening, using the Highline and Fremont Trails, plus many miles off trail over cols, passes, and drainages at elevation. The Unaweep 4800 performed very well and I was very comfortable. Room for all my gear+food+fuel inside the pack for 8 days on trail. I did not need to lash anything onto the outside of the Unweep (which I hate doing). The XL harness option fit perfectly.

    Perhaps this backpack may be a good choice for you because of your size.

    Thank you and good luck with your outdoor adventures and website.

    • MissouriHowell
      2 years ago

      Thanks for the kind words. I was pretty stoked to find a company (Minus33) that sells merino layers up to size 6XL. Not that I need something that big, but kudos to them for even carrying it. I’ll be doing a Gear Closet on it soon. The Unaweep looks like a serious pack! It appears to be a solid choice, and you don’t see many externals anymore. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Very cool.

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